Our History

Once upon a time… there was a brother and a sister who lived in the south of France in a region that brought together values and traditions.
These two had a dream : to create clothes for children, but not just any clothes. The brother is a designer and graduated from an international fashion school where he had the oppotunity to learn different techniques of designing and manufacturing clothes.
The sister, for her part, graduated from an international business school where she acquired all the basics and knowledge of management and international relations.
Together, they became a team and began to live their passion : to open a high-end fashion house for the children of the world. From that moment on, they decided to travel in several countries in search of the most beautiful fabrics ; they created original and very detailed clothes. Their goal now is to make their creations and distribute them internationally.
Their dynamism, perseverance and faith in their project resulted in the success of their dream.
DEPLY KIDS was born …
The children could finally have : « DES ETOILES PLEIN LES YEUX » (Full stars in the eyes)

The DEPLY KIDS spirit
The idea of the partnership between Laetitia and Lionel started from a simple love story of a brother, a sister and a little girl called Elena. Elena is 3 today and none other than Laetitia’s daughter.
« Her beauty, her smile and her « joie de vivre », immediately inspired us to create this project » assert Laetitia and Lionel.
The unique combination of their skills succeeded in a profession that is difficult to enter. Their perseverance has borne fruit.
« Many parents are looking for other ways to dress their children and we want a return to beauty and quality while remaining original », adds Laetitia.
« The materials we use are carefully selected from the best manufacturers and bring a prestigious element to our design. We are very vigilant with the quality control of our creations » explains Lionel.
The DEPLY KIDS spirit is a very particular style dedicated to all the children of the planet.

Each collection will be inspired by a different culture while symbolising the french touch in a universal « Streetwear Chic ».