Our company was founded on 3 May 2016 and it’s main goal is the creation ofchildren’s clothing for 2-12 year olds.
Laetitia and Lionel decided to explore the textile industry based on their many experiences in various sectors.
After working intensely on the launch of their DEPLY KIDS brand, they created their first collection and are about to realise the second.
The company exists for the creation of « top-of-the-range » clothing with focus on design, choice of materials and manu-facturing processes.


Graduated from a business school, Laetitia pursued a professional career in several import-export companies that allowed her to perfect her management, marketing, commerce and business management skills. Strengthened by her experience and inspired by her 3 year old daughter, she decided to partner with her brother, a designer by training, to combine their skills

Passionate about art, painting and graphics, Lionel studied at ESMOD Paris, a school dedicated to fashion. Having worked in several fashion houses (Dominique Sirop, Gentleman Farmer, Paco Rabanne…) and with his experience, he decided to create his own brand of children’s clothing with his sister Laetitia

DEPLY KIDS is the realisation of a dream, gathering « Chic Français », prestige and the pleasure to dress the children of the world..

The evolution of our design is focused on :
• Accessories
• Perfume
• Dolls in the image of little girls
• Decoration and furniture for children’s rooms
• Hand-made dolls houses